Designing the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Honours) at the University of Technology Sydney: An integration of micro credentialing, blended and work integrated learning

An example of redefining the Honours degree to create a pan-university pathway to Entrepreneurship

Jochen Schweitzer
University of Technology Sydney

Martin Bliemel
University of Technology Sydney

Background and objectives of the case
Instigated in 2017 and commencing in 2019, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) will be offering Australia’s first one-year full-time university-wide Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Honours). The new program complements undergraduate entrepreneurship subjects and extra-curricular activities and also serves as a bridge into more extensive postgraduate qualifications. The primary objective of the degree is to support students towards developing their entrepreneurial venture. In this degree, students learn the skills, knowledge and mindset required to build a successful enterprise. It is open to all students with an undergraduate degree from any discipline, including architecture, design, communications, engineering, science, IT, health, law or business. The program was developed in collaboration with multiple UTS faculties and the wider startup community. It will be delivered through UTS Business School and the Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation, and integrated with the UTS Startups extra-curricular program.

The development of the degree program was initiated because more than 40 per cent of UTS students want to create their own jobs or start their own companies, and a greater percentage are interested in developing entrepreneurial capabilities for the future of work. Professional services firm EY’s Global Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation found similar entrepreneurial aspirations globally. Together with the growing interest in entrepreneurship and a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Australia, UTS decided to explore the options of introducing a bespoke degree program to help graduates from any discipline fulfil their entrepreneurial potential.