Digital Technology and Partnerships CRM: An enabler for the cultural change to foster a holistic approach to strategic partnership management

Sqware Peg, Australia's first Salesforce implementation partner, will present case studies across corporate, government and higher education clients including a panel discussion with UTS. Gain insights on how technology can be used as a cultural binder across complex and challenging environments.

John Szabo
University of Technology Sydney

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Background and objectives of the case
Two years ago, UTS established the Corporate Relations Centre (CRC) to cultivate and manage strategic whole of university partnerships. One of the main challenges to operationalising the CRC achieving its objectives related to insufficient data collected and shared on strategic partnerships. A partnership CRM was seen as a crucial tool to help track activity, demonstrate value and create transparency to show impact for both the partner and the university. Through conversation with UIIN members, UTS saw a need to share their knowledge and learnings, and the journey they took with Sqware Peg.

Sqware Peg is a cloud-focused enterprise services provider specialising in consulting and development. As a Customer platform, Salesforce is more than just a customer relationship platform (CRM). The platform encompasses all departments and end users, for Sales, Services, Marketing. Sqware Peg have worked with hundreds of enterprise organisations across many industries including Corporate and Government and will share Best Practice and insights from initial road mapping to ongoing adoption and success.