UTS Rapido Unlock Technology. Shape The Future

UTS Rapido is a new model for industry to create real business value through leveraging academic expertise. UTS Rapido has a unique value offering for industry. This is demonstrative in the rapid growth the unit has enjoyed since 2016 - working on 19 projects around technology development with startups, SMEs, large companies and various organs of government.

Hervé Harvard
University of Technology Sydney

Background and objectives of the case
UTS Rapido works with external partners (inc. start-ups, SMEs, corporations, government organisations and non-profit organisations) to unlock access to world-leading technology expertise and develop cutting-edge products and services - allowing academia to create real industry impact.

Rapido works closely with clients; taking industry ideas and concepts all the way from research through to prototypes, and then to real-world solutions. This tailored approach ensures an effective collaboration with partners - providing expertise where needed and allowing the partner to focus on their strengths.

Rapido can help solve a specific problem, or work with clients to commercialise UTS research, using the array of resources and facilities available at the university. This includes mechanical and electronic design, concept development, prototyping, software development, UX design, industrial design, design guidelines and product testing.