Conference workshop – UIIN: Unearthing the secret recipe for innovation in complex organisations – the role of intrapreneurship in universities and/or industry

Jacyl Shaw
GHD Digital

Sylvain Emeric
GHD Digital

One of the best and simplest definition of innovation is “fresh thinking that with action creates value” – value can be a lot of things: new type of revenues, new type of experiences, new products or services, new processes etc. Fresh thinking occurs when we not only move from group think and a monoculture of fixed mindsets but when we create spaces to consider new opportunities. Whilst many of us look up to the greatest entrepreneurs to seek inspiration and truth in what it means to innovate, another breed of innovators are the intrapreneurs, and there’s a lot more of them! Companies that identify and foster their intrapreneurs will tap into their existing pool of fresh thinkers which will result in stronger employee engagement, greater value and stronger brand.
So how do we go about fostering intrapreneurship and teaching employees the skills and mindset to be better fresh thinkers? Researchers from Harvard and the MIT have studied thousands of entrepreneurs, executives and individuals who created innovative companies or invented new products. They found that five ‘discovery skills’ differentiate the most creative individuals: questioning, observing, networking, experimenting and associating. They also found that these individuals focused 50% more of their time practicing these five skills than others.
At GHD Digital, we combine the traditional engineering services with the methods and mindsets required to survive and strive in the digital age. In this interactive workshop co-facilitated by Jacyl Shaw and Sylvain Emeric, we will deep dive on each of the five innovator’s ingredients: questioning, observing, networking, experimenting and associating, and provide you with tips on how you can practice them on a day to day basis. We will also start to apply these skills on your own challenge, so that you have practical next steps identified to act and create value.
In a nutshell, this workshop will help you:
• See the value of intrapreneurship
• Understand what makes innovators different
• Apply the five ‘discovery skills’
• Help you progress your own challenge

Jacyl Shaw
acyl has a BA, LLB and LLM and a Masters (Enterprise) and sits on several boards. She is the 2018 recipient of a scholarship from Chief Executive Women and the Harvard Club of Australia to participate in an executive education program, ‘The Future of Work in the Digital Age’, delivered by Harvard Business School.
With over 20 years’ experience delivering innovation and consulting programs, projects and services with multisectoral clients from higher education, industry, startups, accelerator hubs, government and research agencies, Jacyl is the Digital Innovation Lead at GHD, a global professional services firm with 10,000+ people and 200 offices worldwide.
Jacyl creates and delivers new value creation initiatives and ways to foster “innovative and creative” thinking and doing. At GHD she executes upon a corporate digital innovation strategy that includes Smart Seeds an award-winning global innovation program for clients, stakeholders and communities across 15 + cities worldwide.
Prior this Jacyl was Director Engagement at Carlton Connect- a capital and cultural transformation project creating an innovation district on the former Royal Women’s Hospital site. She has been a corporate lawyer, Supreme Court Judges Associate, worked abroad and started a few start-ups.

Sylvain Emeric
Sylvain Emeric is the Digital Innovation Advisory Lead at GHD, a global professional services firm with 10,000+ people and 200 offices worldwide. He specialises in digital and innovation strategy, innovation ecosystems, customer experience, service design, digital transformation and design thinking.
Sylvain has close to 10 years’ experience delivering innovation strategies and programs of work which have resulted in new products, services, experiences or capabilities for Tier one clients across several industries including Utilities, Energy, Banking, Transport & Logistic, Education and Government.
Prior to GHD, Sylvain was the digital customer experience lead at Capgemini Invent, where he focused on customer experience, corporate innovation and digital transformation. He also co-founded the design thinking practice at Capgemini Australia.
Sylvain holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from INSA Lyon (France) and a Masters in Business from HEC Paris. He also completed an Executive Certificate on Strategy & Innovation at the MIT.