Desigining the Future University

Arno Meerman

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Balzhan Orazbayeva

Carolin Plewa
University of Adelaide

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We are currently witnessing profound socioeconomic, cultural, and technological changes that are transforming traditional institutions. Higher education institutions are no exception. In the current setting of ongoing change, universities are being called to better attune themselves to the dynamic nature of the modern world. Drawing on research, 52 best practice cases in university engagement and 40 expert contributions on how the university will look in 2040, this workshop will seek to stretch your thinking and engage you in discussion about the future of the university.

Join this workshop to shape and co-create the future(s) of the university.
• Get a fresh perspective on vision and mission of the universities of the future
• Engage in lively discussions with the academic and practitioner experts
• Align your intentions with radical scenarios and create your own university of the future