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Papers to Patents: Analysing which institutions’ patents are citing academic output

Nick Solomon
Clarivate Analytics

Background and objectives of the case
By locating publications from Australian institutions which are cited by worldwide patents, we are able to gauge the influence of the Australian research footprint from an international perspective and propose meaningful metrics for which future research investment; collaboration and bench-marking directives can be directed and determined. Clarivate Analytics has access to millions of patents though our Derwent Innovation platform. This combined with the Derwent World Patent Index (DWPI), which curates much of this patent data; helps provide world leading patent information which is utilized for research and metric driven intelligence. The Web of Science (WOS) would also be utilized in obtaining publications directed to research from an Australian Institution.

Clarivate Analytics is able to combine the extensive experience of patent analysis and technical expertise in the relevant areas with strong international consulting and project management capabilities. Making use of the deep and rich source of information available through Clarivate Analytics assets (including Derwent Innovation and Web Of Science), coupled with Clarivate Analytics’ extensive experience in data analysis, we are able to provide a robust assessment of the downstream impact and potential of these publications.