How to turn the challenge toward opportunity: university-driven coalition to boost Silver Economy

Aging of the societies is the challenge happening worldwide. Medical University of Lodz proves how to change this into an opportunity for local economy.

Przemyslaw Kardas
Medical University of Lodz

Aneta Andrzejczyk
Medical University of Lodz

Background and objectives of the case
Aging is the process that affects practically all the countries in the world. It became a public problem recently, as it has very profound consequences, starting from daily life, through economy, up to social and health care. Rapidly rising number, and percentage of elderly, along with completely new group of very old people (those over 80) create obvious challenges. Existing approaches seem to be ineffective, and both the human, and material resources to scarce to help this. Therefore, there is a need to create completely new paradigm of managing all this, changing the problem into the opportunity. This, however, needs strong leadership, and commitment to the distant aim. The steps taken within last years by the Medical University of Lodz may be an inspiration for the other stakeholders how to solve such a theoretically non-solvable puzzle. Of particular interest is how well these steps fit the scenario of the town of Lodz, which population is the oldest out of all big cities in Poland.